Write Club (founder)

Write Club is a vibrant and dynamic community for creative writers, established to foster intellectual diversity and enhance writing skills among its members. Through weekly meetings, fundraising events, and a digital publication, Write Club provides a supportive environment for writers to grow and collaborate.


Mount Royal University


Community Development, Digital Publication Management


June 1, 2024


Many aspiring writers and literary enthusiasts often struggle to find a supportive community where they can improve their skills, share their work, and receive constructive feedback. Additionally, organizing events and maintaining engagement in such communities can be challenging without dedicated leadership and management.


As the Founder and Program Coordinator of Write Club, I have developed and facilitated weekly meetings aimed at fostering a vibrant learning community of over 100 members. These meetings focus on improving creative writing skills and promoting intellectual diversity. I have also led and organized various fundraising events, including author readings, local poetry slams, bookstore collaborations, and indie anthology publishing. Furthermore, I manage the digital publication, featuring members' creative writing pieces and club updates, effectively expanding our reach beyond the university and maintaining engagement through multiple social media marketing campaigns.


If you’re interested in learning more about Write Club, visit the website.