Holy Waterfall: 16 New & Selected Poems for Mohkínstsis akápiyoyis & the Red River

Tucked away from the monotone hustle of the world, Holy Waterfall brings readers on a journey through the personal and profound trails of my poetic exploration. This debut chapbook features a series of confessional poetry and outsider art, delving into themes of Indigenous identity, religious beliefs, traumatic past, family, love, and more.




Poetry, Writing, Publication


March 13, 2023


Aspiring poets and literary enthusiasts often struggle to find a platform to share their deeply personal and profound works. There is a need for poetry that authentically explores complex identities and experiences, providing a space for healing and affirmation.


Holy Waterfall is my reflection of the soul, a way to cleanse and renew the spirit. Through a collection of poetic stories, musings, and confessional moments, I invite readers to traverse my perspectives on the world. This chapbook offers a space for healing, celebration of identity, and exploration of life's difficult and joyous moments.


As a dedicated poet and writer, I created Holy Waterfall to share my journey and insights with a broader audience. If you’re interested in learning more about this work, visit the Amazon page.