August 16, 2020
Creating a Portfolio with Node.js

Publisher: DEV Community

A step-by-step guide to building a personal portfolio using Node.js.

January 12, 2018
Creating an Editorial Calendar

Publisher: The Writing Cooperative

Organizing and boosting your written content with a purpose-driven schedule.

November 8, 2017
Making Good Work to Get Paid

Publisher: The Writing Cooperative

Exploring the importance of producing quality work and the reasons behind charging for content.

November 3, 2017
My Writing Process

Publisher: The Writing Cooperative

Five steps to transform your ideas from brainstorming sessions into completed written works.

September 29, 2017
The Sting of Work: How I Use Beeminder

Publisher: Beeminder

Exploring the motivational power of Beeminder in managing daily tasks and boosting productivity.

August 23, 2017
Tracking for Good

Publisher: Towards Data Science

Insights from a month-long experiment of using Beeminder to enhance productivity and achieve goals.