GoodLawyer Case Study

GoodLawyer is a different kind of law firm. They're founded by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. They understand the unique challenges and needs of startup companies, and are passionate about helping founders succeed. Their team of top startup lawyers is hand-picked for their specialized expertise and commitment to serving founders. They don't bill by the hour, because they believe in charging for the value they create instead of the time it takes to do the work.




Email Campaigns, Copywriting


September 1, 2022


Founders of niche startups in Canada often have a difficult time finding quality legal representation that suits their specific needs. They may not have the budget for a large law firm, and may not be familiar with the ins and outs of the legal system. This can lead to founders making poor decisions when it comes to legal matters, and can even result in their startups failing.


A four-part email campaign can help these founders find quality legal representation and avoid making costly mistakes. The campaign re-introduced GoodLawyer, and agitated on the unique problems these founders were facing in order to best incentivise them back into the buyer journey funnel.